Membership Plans Overview

Many of our users will want to set up Membership Plans, whereby they can offer recurring membership to some or all of their courses & training, where users can pay monthly (or annually) to get access to everything.

Steps to Setting Up a Membership Plan

Setting up a membership plan in the Business Center is done in just a few steps.

  1. Create your membership plan

  2. Create your product offer that will unlock the membership plan (this is where you will decide what the recurring payment will be

  3. Select which courses your membership plan will unlock

Get started by creating your membership first.

Tiered Membership Plans

If your business center allows for 'tiered' membership levels, then you will be able to create multiple membership plans. For example, Bronze, Silver and Gold. When unlocking courses for specific membership plans, the membership level is the minimum required plan the active member must have to access that content. For example:

Bronze Membership: Will have access to BronzeCourses

Silver Membership: Will have access to Silver, BronzeCourses

Gold Membership: Will have access to Gold, Sliver & Bronze Courses

NOTE: At this time, the business center allows for 1 membership plan, as well as a 'free' membership level. You can allow people to create an account with your business center themselves by activating the 'Public Registration' setting. Learn more about allowing free registrations here.