Creating & Adding a Logo To Your Business Center


NOTE: The above video is a quick walkthrough on how you can use one of the done for you logo templates below in Canva to get your own logo for your business center in just a few clicks

Creating a logo for your business center can be done in a matter of minutes using a service called Canva. The video above will walk you through that process. The recommended size of a logo in the business center is 360 x 70 pixels.

NOTE: The theme settings for your business center have been moved to the Design tab. To navigate to your theme settings where you will upload your logo, go to Design -> Theme Settings.

To speed up the process of creating a logo even more, we have created some templates you can import directly in to Canva, point and click, use your name and information and download it. If you would like to one of the template below, simply click on Import to Canva under the template you wish to use!