Product Offer Overview

Products Offers are how you sell and bundle up courses and membership plans.

There are 2 types of product offers:

Regular Products: These allow you to set up products that unlock one or many courses. You also have the option to create payment plans (multiple payments) in these products. These give you the flexibility to sell course bundles, sell courses at different price-points and discounts, and more.

Membership Products: These are used to specifically sell access to membership plans. By default, these products will be subscription based, meaning they will have recurring billing. You can choose the number of days per recurring payment (Example: 30 days or 365 days for an annual subscription), add a trial period with free or paid trials, etc.

The steps to create a product offer are simple:

  1. Navigate to Asset Manager -> Product Offer Manager

  2. Click on 'Add New Product'

  3. Select the Product Type and fill in the required information based on that product type

  4. Confirm the courses and/or membership plan that is unlocked upon that product purchase

For more information on creating product offers, take a look at the steps for a Regular Product offer here, and a Membership Product offer here.