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Checkout Funnels

Checkout Cart Overview

The Checkout Manager allow you to create custom checkout funnels for your products complete with one-click upsells, downsells and more. Checkout funnels are how you will actually sell your products and collect payments.

Creating a checkout funnel is as simple as navigating to Checkout Manager -> Checkout Funnels and clicking on 'Add New Checkout Funnel.' Once you create your checkout funnel, you will be able to customize a slew of settings on both the checkout page and the thank you page.

You will also be able to create custom upsell sequences for your checkout funnels to boost revenue and your customer lifetime value. (One-click upsells have been known to boost revenue by upwards of 65%!)

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What are Upsell Pages & Sequences

1-Click Upsells are possibly the single most powerful feature for your bottom line, and your business center allows you to easily create upsell pages and sequences in just a few steps.

You will create a product offer you want to use as an upsell in a checkout funnel. Typically, this is a 'one time offer' - meaning a course or add-on at a reduced price for example.

Once you create that product, you will create an 'upsell page' that sells that product. After you have created your upsell pages, then it's just choosing what journey you want to send you customers on. After their initial checkout, you will be able to offer an upsell so they can upgrade their order, and based on their choices, you can send them to other upsells or downsells before they complete their order.

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